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96b St Vincent Street

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Custom specialist tattoo studio and fashion label in the heart of Glasgow City Centre. Pop in for a chat about your latest tattoo today.

Body Piercing


At Otzi Tattoos we pride ourselves in precision piercing. Our body piercer is thorough and meticulous. Piercings are performed in a sterile environment and in a space which offers complete privacy. All piercings are carried out using systematically sterilised equipment, single use needles and high quality medical grade titanium jewellery. Full aftercare instructions and guidance are provided with every piercing.

Otzi’s body piercing studio is fully licenced and insured. Otzi has a minimum age policy of 16 years old or above for all body piercings with the exception of intimate piercings for which you need to be 18. Please remember to bring with you valid photographic ID.

Piercings are typically done on a walk in basis, although appointments can be made in advance if preferred. Please do not hesitate to contact Otzi if you have any queries regarding piercing.

Otzi’s body piercing studio is open every Saturday 10am – 5pm.



  • Dermal Anchors £30 for one, £20 thereafter
  • Both ear lobes £25 (using piercing system with titanium studs)
  • Single ear lobe £15 (using piercing system with titanium studs)
  • All other Piercings £25


Eyebrow, Bridge, Septum, Nostril, Ear Lobes, Tragus, Anti-tragus, Snug, Rook, Helix, Conch, Tongue, Labret, Side Labret, Medusa, Monroe, Nipple, Navel.